Frequently asked questions

    • Who is allowed access to

    This photo library is administered by Medway Council as a tool for its staff, partners, contractors, the press or anyone helping to promote Medway. Please fill in the registration form and we will grant access on a case-by-case basis as soon as we can. If you need urgent access please phone 01634 332754.

    • Why is use of this gallery restricted?
    The council has a responsibility to the people photographed in this library, to ensure their pictures are used appropriately. We cannot permit any other organisation to use them if the product is not produced by, or on behalf of Medway Council, or to positively promote Medway as a place. If you would like access to the library please register and we will review access on a case-by-case basis. Email or phone 01634 332754 for further details.
    If you are looking to use images of Medway for a commercial purpose the council may be able to provide certain images, subject to a charge. Please email with details of what image you would like and how it will be used and we will be in touch.
    • What can these images be used for?
    These images are primarily for use by Medway Council staff and contractors for marketing, presentations, documents or web use. They may also be used by partners to help illustrate Medway-based initiatives or by other organizations working to help positively promote Medway the place or the council's services. They may also be used in context by the press.
    • Are there any projects I shouldn't use these images for?
    The images in this library are intended to show representations of Medway and Medway Council's services. As such, they should not be used in situations out of context. For example, if you are running a poster campaign about anti-social behaviour you should not illustrate it with pictures of people that are not committing an anti-social act. We regularly monitor how the images are being used. Email if you are unsure whether the communication is appropriate.
    • Do I need to pay to use the images?
    No. All images in this library are free for use. However, the copyright for these images remains with the owner. We reserve the right to withdraw permission to use this library or to use individual images, at any time and for any reason.
    • Do I need to credit when using an image?
    All images not used on a Medway Council publication must be credited to Medway Council unless stated otherwise. Council staff should also follow any specific crediting instructions relating to certain images.
    • How many times can I use an image? If I really like some, can I save them and reuse them?
    Each image download is licensed for one use only. If you want to use an image more than once, there is no limit on the number of times you can download an image from this library, but each time you download it you must say what you intend to use it for. This helps us monitor how the images are being used. Participants may also wish to withdraw their permission at any time.
    You must not save the image for reuse or store it on another image bank or library. You must not supply images to other organisations for use, they will need to register themselves as users to access the library.
    • Are these images suitable for any size and use?
    These images are suitable for most publications, but they may not be suitable for very large reproduction. Please make sure you use the low- res downloads for use on screen and high-res downloads for print. 
    Always check the suitability of the resolution with your designer before going to print. 
    • What about logos?
    There are a number of different council logos available for download in a number of different formats. Please download the pdf of the council's brand guidelines before using the Medway Council logo. Logos are normally available in a number of formats, if you are unsure which is suitable for your use please email or phone 01634 332754.
    • How do I use
    The easiest way to find a specific image is to use the search box in the top right corner of the page. Type a keyword into this box and it will bring up all the related images in the library.  If you are not sure what keyword to type you can just browse through the galleries manually. Images are categorised under galleries logically but this method can take longer.
    Once you have found the image you want to download click on the thumbnail and then the downloads tab. Then you have a number of download options. 
    - Download Comp: Use this file for web, PowerPoint or other screen-based use.
    - High-res downloads: Use jpgs or png files for use in documents that will be printed. Eps files are also available for some logos. 
    - Download EPS: Eps files can only be opened in specialist design software such as Adobe illustrator and are generally only used by professional designers and printers. They are also the preferred file format for production of signs and merchandise. Only some logos and maps are available as eps files.
    • How frequently are new photos available/how frequently are photos changed?
    There is no rule as to how often the site will be updated. As and when new pictures are taken they will be added to the library. Reasons photos may be removed would be due to specific requests, for example from a model; if they have become out of date or if we get better images of that subject matter. If you think an image is out of date or you would like an image removed please email details to - any help is always gratefully received.
    • Can I use to share my photos of the area?
    If you have taken photos that you think would be good to add to the library please contact or phone 01634 332754. We are keen to make this resource the best it can be and either improve the quality of images we have or give more choice. We cannot guarantee we will use all the images you provide but will be more than happy to look at any you have.
    Please note: If you are providing images of people, the models need to have signed a photographic release form which clearly states how their photo may be used, including reference to photo libraries. Models aged under 18 would need the release form signed by a parent or carer. Signed photographic release forms must be sent to and reference the image that the consent form relates to. 
    • I can’t find a suitable photo. Are there other sites I can try?
    Yes. There are a number of free and paid for stock photography sites available online. Below is a list of some free sites (please note you may need to register and you should abide by each site’s individual terms and conditions) Medway Council staff can contact the Communications and Marketing Team for help arranging photoshoots or looking for paid-for stock photography.